Andrea and Ron Louis

Dear Roy,

David left a voicemail to say heather had died.

We were stunned and you and Dylan must be unbelievably devastated.

When Ron and were discussing this we both had this image of Heather with her bright, fresh face jumping into Jan's and David's pool without a stitch and without a care-in-the-world hanging off her (before your time Dylan, but remember your Mum and Dad were young and foolish yonks ago).

Heather has remained that way to us all the time we have known her - positive, accepting and enjoying life to the full.

You got a good deal in terms of the quality of your partner, Roy (and although we have only met you a few times as a little tacker, Dylan, we are positive this applies to Heather as a Mum to you too).  Your time with Heather has been far too short.

We send all our love and best wishes to you and Dylan at this saddest time.  We will cherish a bright and joyous image of Heather which would be a pale imitation your's and Dylan's memory. 

Lots of love
Andrea and Ron