Andrew Cole

Dear Roy,

I was so surprised and saddened to hear that Heather has passed away. Debbi called around and got my number and phoned me to tell me a few days ago.

Although I've not had any contact with you in the years since Debbi and I split, my life is richer for having known Heather, and the world is poorer with only the memory of her.  I'll always remember meeting the two of you at lunch in Adelaide Market and the many happy times the four of us spent in each others' company.  What a fortuitous thing it was that the restaurant was full that day.

Of course life goes on, and you will learn to live without Heather in your life daily.  I wish you strength and know that with your character and the friendship of people closer by you know will sustain you through this period.  My deepest sympathy to you.

Andrew Cole