Diane Lake

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Lin Heather Di in Bali 1997. This is just after I returned from the boat to Komodo, that Heather told me about when we first met the week before

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flying over Flinders 2001
This is from the trip in 2001 while I was staying with you when Dylan, Heather and I went to the Flinders Range. Heather didn't want to go up at first, ,saying I should just take Dylan. But I convinced her it would be safe, and oh so fun! Well, at one point the little plane dropped down (along with our stomachs, and Heather's hand shot across and grabbed my leg in a death grip. I turned to her and it was over as quick as it had happened, and we both just laughed out loud.The rest of the flight was good and I am sure she enjoyed it. She was a lot of fun to be with, as you both know.

My heart and  thoughts will be with you both on Sat.
And I still hope to see you in Singapore in July if you are still there.
Much love...Di