Gavin Shepherd

Roy and Dylan,

What a moving sad but somehow positive experience the celebration today was. To see so many people say such positive things about Heather was lovely but even more impressive was seeing the confidence of a young man having lost his mum, standing up and talking about positive memories. There wouldn't be many people who could do what you did today Dylan (and I'm not sure I could do the same despite having a few more years of experience behind me).

I remember a time when Dylan was a small bump in Heathers tummy. Roy and Heather as two "almost parents" saying to mum and dad you hoped to have a child as wonderful as Fi. After today I can confidently say I'm hopeful my two boys can grow up to be as well adjusted, confident and likeable asDylan.

As I didn't get the chance to speak to either of you today I thought I'd send a short message of love and friendship. Today was special for me and although I cried more than I have since my wedding 6 years ago, the tears came with really positive memories of Heather and her zest for life.

Dylan, no doubt you will do well in life, good luck with the rest of the year. Roy, you are an amazing bloke. Passionate, caring and able to be outwardly positive whilst working through the toughest task I think a dad can come up against.

Anything we can do to support you both or assist in any way, I'd be complimented to be asked and happy to help.

All my love,
Gav (+ Cath, Thomas and Patrick)