Gill Ryan

Dear Roy and Dylan,

I am completely lost as to how to respond. Wish I couldwrite something - without deleting it moments later. More hugs...

Such a lovely tribute. I'm so glad we had those few days in Singapore.

.. and it makes me remember when Heather and I went on the open-top touristy bus on Orchard Road. After we'd just missed the last bus and waited in a line, they said that we needed a passport number.  Heather instantly reeled off a number. amazing the attendant who wrote it down and counted the digits issuing us with tickets.A while later as we were taking in the Christmas lights, I said to Heather that I had no idea what my number was. She just smiled and said " Nor do I. Just some quick thinking!"
I'll call soon. Our thoughts are with you all.

Love Gill, Paul and Daniel