Jan and David Shepherd

Dear Roy & Dylan,

Our thoughts have been with you and your family ever since you rang on Sunday night. Thank you for keeping us informed & for sharing with us some of those special parts of your life together & the two lovely photos.

We have many fun & different memories of Heather; like the time she windsurfed naked on Hindmarsh Island without contact lenses & had trouble finding the shore again; dancing to the Tea Rose Duo on a Sunday afternoon at McLaren Vale; your wedding on Henley Jetty & reception in our garden. We have certainly shared many special times together & enjoyed Heather's happy & adventurous nature. We have an assortment of photos of you all - even one of Dylan with chicken pox.

We lit a candle & shed some tears tonight & are with you both in spirit.

much love,  Jan  & David

Dear Roy,

Thanks for all your communications & for setting up the wonderful web site about Heather. It has been very special to feel part of the Singapore ceremony & also to share personal stories. Sorry we haven't managed to add to the assortment of photos - What a great selection! We have finally uncovered some of your wedding, but don't have a scanner so will bring them on July 2nd. Hopefully Fi will also be home for the occasion.

David asked me to send this quote, which is from a book called "Stagnation House" written by a second cousin of his (Maisie Bell) during WWII. I have no idea what the book is about, but here is the quote.

"We must all pass on sometime and the most we can hope to be is a living memory in someone's heart". Heather is indeed a living memory in all of our hearts.

If you need to be picked up from the airport or if there's anything else you need, do let us know.

Love Jan & David