Janice Orrell

Dear Roy and Dylan,

My heart is so heavy just trying to find what to say so I won't say much. Despite not seeing you much in recent years you are and always have been as important as family.  There were times you were more our family than our family. I really enjoyed my now treasured times with heather at the university while she was studying.  She always reminded me what life was really about!  Living !

There is always a place for you back here with us.

I have let Nick know and he is so sad,  I can't let Tim know as he has just climed Mount Everest and is still on his way back to london.

Remember Anjali was "pregnant" with Heather while she had Dylan?  Well now she Anjali is really pregnant and contemplating calling the baby Dylan if it is a boy!

Such is the stuff of life.

All my love Jan