Jeff Roestenberg

Thank you Roy for that wonderful, evocative reflection of your journey, together with Dylan and Serena. It came as quite a shock to hear that Heather has gone on.

I only have happy memories of student days, parties, of an old fashioned picnic in a warm Australian National Park, surrounded by my old vintage car, our 1932 Dodge Tourer, an old portable gramophone playing appropriate 1920's songs and wonderful food and good old Aussie wines; of you visiting me on the Broadway at Glenelg, tossing Dylan through the air a bit like a rag doll, unphased by concerns of dropping him as you both were relaxed and confident in your care of him.

Both of you have created and enjoyed a wonderful life style of travel and enjoying new experiences together. I know that Heather will travel on and yet never be far away.

I will not forget Heather and yourselves and look forward in catching up again, if circumstances permit.

My warmest thoughts to you all.
From a cold, crisp yet sunny Adelaide winters day.
A big hug from me.