Kate and Phil Wise

Dear Roy and Dylan

Your beautifully worded email filled me with such sadness to know that Heather is no longer with us. However, we can rejoice that she has been and touched our lives.

Heather was one of those incredibly infectious people with a passion, zest and love of life. Her compassion for her fellow man was also amazing. I worked alongside Heather for many years in her capacity as International Student Coordinator. I was Learning Support.

Heather also showed true compassion for the Indonesian students who went through extremely difficult times in the late 90's. Her support for the students in the face of directives that NO support was to be given by the Institute was daring in its extreme. But Heather was not one to be bowed down by bureaucracy when people's lives were at stake.

Sitting at home in the kitchen, I have a beautiful Indonesian teapot. A gift from Heather from one of her many sojourns to our northern neighbours. Yes it lost the handle on the flight home but was saved with a little bit of glue and serves as a constant reminder of Heather's extremely generous soul.

Several years ago Phil was teaching at Magill and Norwood. One of your mutual friends tried unsuccessfully to get us together. Ill health, which has dogged me for years put paid to seeing Heather again, something I will always regret.

When we walk along the Tennyson beach and look at the sunset we will be reminded of Heather and her sunny disposition. We know just how sad her passing is and how very much Heather will be missed.

Our loving thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time.

Kate and Phil Wise