Kay (Brassington) de Ridder

(Singapore Eulogy)

I first met Heather at school in Canberra when we were 14 years old. She was confident, intelligent and popular, with beautiful long blond hair. Since then our lives have intertwined in surprising ways. We studied social work together in Adelaide and later worked together as young enthusiastic social workers full of energy and feminist ideas. Heather was admired and loved by all her colleagues.

Even though we have lived much of our lives in different cities, we have kept in close touch.

I cannot think of her for long without thinking of Roy. Her marriage to Roy was, like her, full of fun and surprises.

Heather made friends wherever she went and whichever activity she was involved in. She was loyal and kept in touch with her “old friends” whenever she could. I remember fondly our family holidays in Coffs Harbour, Hervey Bay and Fraser Island and most recently in Coolum in January this year. I had been looking forward to our planned holiday with her in Singapore in July – which will now be tinged with sadness.

Like all her friends I had expected that she’d be around for many more years so that we could meet up again in various parts of the world and do fun things. After all Heather was a woman of action!

The fact that she’s no longer here hasn’t hit me yet, but I know I’ll miss her forever.

She had a wonderful life.

Bye Heather,
Your friend Kay