Kim Williams


Evelyn our neighbour that is between Heather and I had told me about Heather, and I finally met her in 2005 in the hallway with a load of plants, she had just come back from the nursery, but of course I went over and said Hi you must be Heather I am Kim your new neighbour, and instantly we hit it off, I liked her immensley and found her easy going.

Then our friendship grew and I knew Heather was always there, we had a coffee or two, borrowed a cup of sugar here and there and that's how it progressed. I then had a ladies lunch at my home for all the new people I had met and invited Heather over...she look so beautiful in her chinese blue top, a very attractive lady and got on with everyone that was there, she left such an impression on people because of her kind and interesting all of my friends presently knew exactly who she was when I had to tell them that she had passed away. She travelled so much and was here and there that we never got to catch up often, but there was always those fleeting moments of seeing Heather, popping off to the nursery, the gym, shopping, walking down the road. We also stopped off at each others home for a good ol chin wag, every so often in 2006.

She was so good at listening and was always there for me if I needed to load off, and oh so positive.....she had such an easy going way to handling things, that I found quite calming. And in the most recent times, Heather was looking so gorgeous...she was losing weight and gyming and doing her hair and really prepping especially if Roy was away, she would be so excited when he was coming home. She had such a unique approach to parenting Dylan and Serena and I really respected her for that.

Little stories of fun, are that she gave Carol and I a ride to the nursery to get me some plants as my birthday present...well Heather wasn't the most confident driver and of course we got hopelessly lost, but to her it was an adventure seeing more of Singapore but nevertheless we got there and I got some beautiful plants, which always remind me of her. She loved Socks our cat and would play with him for hours, the family used to tie a ribbon on his tail and watch him chase it which was a great source of amusement. She always helped out with the kids when I needed her to, her balcony plants were great beauty for her especially orchids and she loved pottering around there. One day she came up from the gym and had an almighty bruise on her leg, I recall being really worried and saying Heather what is up, anyway she had fallen off the treadmill, as she hadn't switched it off before climbing off, she later on had another bruise on her arms etc and I mentioned, Heather what is going on is Roy beating you up, she giggled and said no worries I am fine, I just bruise easily.

One day on the landing she said to me hey you know, I really like you and I almost feel like a sister to she called me her singapore sister and that's what we called each other when we popped around. Heather loved her travelling and whenever we spoke she had just been to Oz, or vietnam or cambodia, a cruise with Roy, off to wherever with Serena and Dylan, so she really enjoyed life to the fullest.

She was always on strike as well when the kids or Roy hadn't done their share in the house, so they either didn't get food or their washing and cleaning done....I love that and might just make that my motto. I took my hat off to her and her studying as well, she was such a clever lady and so passionate about what she was doing, and extremely excited about Eton.

My most recent times with Heather were in April my birthday and off we all went to Labrador Park for a lovely lunch and Moet champagne with a bunch of other girls we had such fun and back and then all went out again with Mark that evening for champagne and oysters at the top of the stamford Hotel 72nd floor New Asia Bar, glorious evening and really fun. She also made a beautiful tasty steam boat for Carol and I one evening and we had loads of wine and long chats solving the worlds problems. Then Roy, Heather and Dylan came to Marks 42nd birthday at our place for a BBq, we had a super smokey evening and when Heather finally said time to go home, she came up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said Kim you bring such sunshine to this floor, I am really going to miss you when you leave, (we are relocating back home at the end of July)....Well let me just tell you that Heather brought such sunshine to our floor, and I got to miss you first Sister. Heather passed away a little on two weeks after that only regret was that I never got to spend just one more time with her........ there were a few options but we never got around to, so you see we need to make time for each other.....otherwise it might be too late.I miss Heather with all my heart and will never forget her and her family and I am all the better for knowing her.........Have a good and blissful rest my Friend.......

Love Kim