Kyns-Lee Tan

to my dearest uncle roy,

hey uncle roy, it's me kyns here. how have you been? hope that everything is a bit settled now. i just want to share my thoughts of heather for the period of time that i have known her.

every since i've first placed my footsteps in your house in May, i knew from that moment your family was understanding and accepting, especialy with my pericing. heather and urself have nv made me feel uneased each time i stayed over. i still could remember the days waking up to see her in her study room, busy on the lab top. i would say a good morning and be down staris using the computer. she would come down and we would usualy have long converstation which would sometimes lead to serena coming back. heathers advice to me was to never give up in whatever i do. she would usualy mock around with me, telling me if that i was not "protected" with serena, you guys would be having sausagues for dinner. she was always the joker and she never made me feel like i was an outcast, but as  like i was part of the family. she has accepted me for what i am what i believe, never doubting or condeming me at any point but advicing me on what i should do. those days at your place, dinner with your family, i could have never ask more. i miss her so much uncle roy that sometimes it rippes me apart knowing the fact. there's so much i can do. she has given me so much love, for the first time in my 18 years of life, i have trufuly say that heather has been the 1st to make a deep impression in my life. the words she has left behind still linger in my mind as each day passes. i have always respected heather and yourself for being there for me, when i was having exams, heather extented her help to me by allowing me to use her study room. u wouldnt believe it but at that moment of time, i was touched and speechless. heather has touched my life in so many ways that at most momets, i feel unworthy for being there. she told me, serena and you are like YING and YANG, and i have lived by that ever since she said that. i always wished i could do something to pay you guys back for all the warmth, care and love you've given me. but i feel that whatever i will do, it will never be enough. heather was great, she was a women like none other. she was someone with so much care and love that it was following to this free world. and to a fool like me, she has changed me. she really has. heather seemed to see things on the brighter side, never letting anyone change her idea of that. every single time i had a difficulty i couldnt handle, she would always advice me to look on the brigther side and not to be too sad.

through out this one year that i have known heather, i cant describe her but say that she is AMAZING in her own way. she will be dearly missed, by me.

" no great person ever thought themsevles so" but heather was, she was great.

ps : if there is anything i can help with, the website, anything, please do tell yeah? love lots uncle roy

take care uncle roy,
so much loves and misses.
ur NEPHEW :]