Linda and Geoff Sandell

Hello Roy and Dylan,
Thank you so very much for including us in your email list. Initially when I saw your email I was quite excited and thought you were probably doing something special.  What a shock it was to read of Heather's death, as I am sure it was to all your friends around the world.  I have had to think about how to respond and your second email has helped me to do that.

Both Geoff and I are so very sad for you and Dylan. Life will be very tough for quite a while and you will both need each others support.  We will be thinking of you as you celebrate the life that Heather had and she always appeared to us as a happy very likeable friend and neighbour.  She was always ready to listen to my troubles, there were times when that meant such a lot to me.  I described her recently to someone in the dog owners club (well really she looked a bit like me only smaller and prettier!)  We will miss her greatly and we are very sorry we shall not have her back with us in Tennyson again. I have found a lovely photo of the two of us taken at Laurie and Chris's leaving party and I have attached it.

The legacy she has left for us, really brought home, is to enjoy every moment.  We leave for the UK on July 1st and we hope to meet up with Mick and Sharon when we will be sure to have a drink to absent friends.

Our Deepest Sympathy and Best Wishes
Linda and Geoff.