Luisa Pinto

Heather has been a cherished friend for 15 years.  Since our children were toddlers.  We shared many mum and child delights together. We shared long walks along the beach and hills, went to concerts and school presentation nights, an occasional drink or two and many long conversations.  She loved making up jokes; and on a driving weekend trip to Albert Lake and the Coorong with our kids we laughed at our made up funnies. Dylan still remembers one I made up because he and Heather thought it was great.  My over 50's brain has forgotten it.  I'll have to ask Dylan. I do remember though that Heather made me feel like her special friend;  and I think that this was one of Heather's special qualities - to make all her friends feel special.  She seemed to embody the concept of living in the moment.  To me Heather had an ethereal quality.  She could  fully commit but not possess.  I love Heather as one who brought out the best in all of us.  I think about you everyday and miss you.  I am looking out for your next incarnation - you make me want this to be true.  Luisa.
and Amy, Robert and George who were also deeply affected by Heather's unexpected death.