Maria Poletti

Hi Roy and Dylan,

I have some nice photos here.  I hope you like them and can use them.

The one with the daiquiri reminds me of one my favourite things when I came to stay with you. It is the tradition Heather started that was happy to partake in, Cocktail hour, first at North Haven and then continued at Tennyson.  I would bring a bottle of booze and Heather would mix the cocktails, around 5pm.  Each visit we would have a different favourite.  G&T one year, another it was Bailey's on ice.  Heather blended a pinapple cocktail one visit and served it in the spa.  I learnt a lot of good drinks from Heather.

The photo of Heather eating a salad was a time in Tennyson when Heather said she loved it when we came to stay and she could share a big salad with us, something she didn't get to do often, with Roy's culinary habits.

Rememeber as Sooty got older how Heather used to have to defluff him by pulling out his matted fur by hand.  Sooty used to think it was fun!!!

All my love, Maria xx