Meredith Lang

Dear Roy and Dylan,

Roy, that was a beautiful eulogy to Heather.  We will be thinking of you on your day of celebrating and remembering her life.  You have wonderful lasting memories of her as wife, mother and friend.  Hope the ceremony captures all that she was in your lives.    We look forward to being with you when you come here to Adelaide.

John talks fondly of those early days, studying with Heather and the generous parties at your Military Road cottage.  Heather playing casual hostess, while you, Roy, paid the price of being a Master Chef.  In fact there is a theme here, of you being a great cook and Heather supplying the hostessing requirements of good conversation and acute analysis of all things great and small!  Great team work!  Heather was the person who would creatively initiate great ideas (and loved to organise their execution) - Mother's Club (that's where you come in Dylan), Writer's Club, Montessori Parents' Group to name a few.  She loved a challenge and a project and always kept her mind open to possibilities.  Whilst not a great home duties manager, she persisted with the harsh environment  to make a garden that reflected your casual, tasteful approach to life at Tennyson.

Today, we hope to collect some wildflowers at Waitpinga, and take them to the beach and release them in her memory.

All our love,
Meredith and John
Xavier, Johanna and Jonathon