Mike Woods

Dear Roy

Please accept our deepest sympathies. I well remember Heather during her teenage years - she was lively, outward and free spirited. And when you two met there was so much love and happiness. I was reminded of this only a couple of years ago I saw a photo of the three of you in one of the daily newspapers - your smile hasn't changed!

Roy, you provided Heather with a very supportive base, from which she felt free to go on her many travels. I hope that base, which is so much a part of you, serves you well in your own future journey.

If you are ever in Canberra, please stay with us and join us around our family table.

With love
Mike, Kaely, Benny, Emma, Jarrad, Rachel, Caitlin

hello michael

thanks for your message
it is funny how things go- and plans never  quite turn out exactly as expected.

i remember how angry heather was with me when we last came to visit you guys in the south coast and i left her and everyone for a short trip to wollongong to get a bargain computer and that turned out to be such a long long long drive and many hours later, all of you probably started to think about bedding down for the night.
take care, roy