Sarah Lindfield-Ide

Dear Roy,
We were greatly saddened to hear the news about Heather when I opened our email yesterday. Since that time, our thoughts have been very much with Heather, and we extend our deepest sympathy to you, Dylan, Rob, Serena and all family members.

Thankyou for the beautiful photos that you attached. We are so very sorry that this photo will reach you too late to be shown at Heather's service. It was taken when Heather and you attended a "last supper in Adelaide" dinner at our place, with Ros and Malcolm.

Sadly, we will be unable to attend the celebration of Heather at Tennyson Beach. However, all being well, my parents, Jim and Betty, would like to attend on our behalf, so please send us the details. (You might recall "Dr. Betty", healer-extraordinaire of the broken seagull wing, using a sock directly from Heather's big foot!)

I would like you, Dylan, Rob and Heather's parents to know how much richer my own life has been for my friendship with Heather, and how very sad both Richard and I feel that, for the time being, we continue our own journeys without crossing paths with her. When I think of Heather, "bright" is the first association I always have. My first recollection of her was of the "bright" person who was my new friend - both sunny in disposition and intellectually astute.She remained so wonderfully consistent throughout the years of our friendship, even though there were long spaces of time when we didn't see each other. When we did 'touch base', there was always the same cheeriness, always the same sunny smile, plenty of laughter and interesting conversation. Heather's spirit was always "up", always joyful, always warm, always a delight to be around. It was always extremely easy to slip back into friendship - as if we'd only seen each other last week. Time spent with Heather was always "quality time" and I will forever treasure the memories - study-buddies, quiz nights, walks on the beach with Mango, rock'n'rolling at the yacht club, welcoming in the new millenium with a murder-mystery dinner at Tennyson, sleeping in Dylan's bed when we visited Adelaide, visits at Twin Waters and Nambour, the house-boat at Tewantin and the missing keys after the open inspection at Moore St (perhaps that's your
story, but Heather was able to close the chapter happily!)

I will always be inspired by thoughts of Heather. To me, she was truly one of life's "Inspirational People"  - self-assured, non-judgmental, easy-going, unassuming. Every thought I have of her is a "happy thought" - she simply didn't entertain a dark cloud. Along with the happy thoughts of Heather are also happy thoughts of Roy and Dylan, Rob and Serena.We send our love to you all at this time of great sadness and hope that Jim and Betty will manage to attend the celebration of Heather on our behalf. I feel grateful indeed that Richard and I were able to catch up with Heather at Nambour earlier this year. It would be lovely if, at a later time, we can meet with you and Dylan to continue to celebrate the life of a very special person.
Sarah and Richard