Terry Crawn

Dear roy and Dylan
I did not open this email until I got home fri night and I had no hope of booking passage to come and say farewell to heather. I feel upset that I will not be there and convey my deepest regrets and sadness. I also feel a great joy in having known heather. She was not one to look to the end of the journey - she explored the path to the end of the tunnel to the fullest she could. Many others will stay with us longer but will never achieve, explore, experience a portion of what heather did in such a short time.

At 1:30 pm Adelaide time - 12:00 noon Singapore, alanna and frances joined me in a private reflection on heather and her life and what we shared with her. We lit 3 candles and held a twist of rosemary and each talked of heather and what she meant to us. Sometimes one persons memories triggered a group discussion on aspects we all shared. We laughed at some but overall there was tears and sadness.

Love from terry, frances and alanna