Tim Colquhoun

sent by tim aftyer returning from the summit of mount everest.

Hello Roy,im so sory i didnt know about Heather,i hope you are ok,i just remember her along with you as being one of the nicest people from my childhood in Adelaide,it was always great fun spending time with you and Heather.

Your friend   Tim

From: tim colquhoun

hi there roy,ive only got very happy memories of the sunday afternoons and evenings at your place ,the big 235 course lunches and even the old duck with half the feathers still hanging out through the crispy skin ,i remember it like yesterday.it does seem like another lifetime now but it was a good one !

keep in touch mate   tim

ps when i get myself organised ,i'll send you some cool pics from my everest trip

roy lee  wrote:
dear tim,

just having some flashes of old times, i remember that we use to keep ducks at henley beach and at one time we bred too many males, but i was too much of a sook to kill them so had swap them for a duck which had been been killed. Heather and I invited you and nick for dinner one night - to share this gourmet treat with us- you were both quite young. You guys were so polite as we hacked, hammerred, stabbed and chewed our way through a very tough old bird.

Although in these years we have sporadic news of you, Heather and i were so proud of what you and nick have achieved.