Vivienne St.John Robb

Dear Roy,

I am so very sorry to hear of Heather's passing. Thank you so much for sharing Heather's incredible story with us. I feel very priveledged to have worked with Heather at TAFE and will always remember the support she gave me with the "gifts" of our daughter ruby. Her wisdom and sharing of the very practical approaches you both took as parents has really assisted me to let go and enjoy.

I am heartened to read that Heather was continuing to embrace life, travel and many experiences  in Singapore. She was a very special woman who has had a big impact on my life. Thank you for ensuring that I would be able to share this beautiful and eloquent story. My thoughts are with you and Dylan.

Sincerely Vivienne St.John Robb

It appears I may not be able to get to Heather's farewell today but would like to share another gift she gave me and my family.
I remember coming into TAFE one morning distressed  and feeling enormously inadequate yet again with having unsuccessfully cajoled, convinced and argued with Tobias our 2 year old about changing out of his pyjamas and into clothes. It was the fifth or sixth time he had gone to child care in his Bob the builder jamies. Heather as she always did greeted me with her beautiful smile and said " hi how's it going? I redcanted my morning and the fact that Tobias would only wear yellow or his pyjamas. "He seems to have a real issue with change and  resists moving from one situation to another which includes changing clothes" Heather looked at me with incredulation and I will never forget her words "get smart Vivienne get 3 sets of the same clothes that he likes, and have 1 set for every 24 hours. That way you do not have to do this every morning and you can change the set to a clean one at bath time". I could not believe how simple and respectful this was. How could I not have thought of this?
Heather's clarity and sensible approach to fighting the important battles has reminded Kjell and I about what is really important. We had many discussions like this where Heather shared her insight with me. The legacy of Heather's respectful empowerment, I feel is evident many times when I am faced with a "test". I remember her always with fondness and as a true mentor ' wise and trusted guide'
Thank you Heather,
Sincerely Vivienne St.John Robb